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Our maintenance services encompass phone support, remote support and on-site interventions.

Our services operate until full resolution of all incident types from level 1 to the highest level.

With the maintenance burden lightened, and confident about risk management, decision makers can look at the future and refocus their efforts on leading and on growth.

assistance informatique

Our global support solution lets your enterprise operate its information system with complete peace of mind.

intégration ERP

Each phase is validated by production of a deliverable which represents an acceptance milestone.

In parallel we work together on accepting integration of your system databases.


Choosing CEREALOG means you can rely on a partner able to deploy its highly expert teams virtually anywhere in the world and boasting a partner network of major software companies.

CEREALOG is based around a dedicated team of consultants providing assured service continuity and personalized relations throughout an integration project, broken down into 4 key phases:

  • Prepare
  • Personalize
  • Integrate and Extend
  • In-depth tests
  • Go-Live readiness and execution


CEREALOG is an accredited training organization registered under number 54170160017.

Training costs can be covered by your OPCA.

The training sessions are tailored to your needs and objectives for the user (s). They may concern all or only specific features of the products / solutions we sell.

The duration and the content vary according to the objectives to be reached.

formation informatique la rochelle bordeaux

CEREALOG is an accredited training organization.

Training costs may be part of continuing education.

A clear, precise vision for focusing on effective solutions

Advice and Audit

CEREALOG provides an advice hub to make life easier for your enterprise and the people in it. It’s easy to set up, easy to maintain and available at any time, even remotely:

  • Advice on system architectures, networks, storage, for single or multi-site environments;
  • Advice on integrating management solutions such as ERP.

Information system audit can assess the performance of your enterprise’s information system and propose appropriate technical and functional solutions.